How to Mint an NFT (Including Live Example)

This video guide walks through how-to mint an NFT through the minting of a real NFT collection titled ‘Morphs’.

Morphs is an avatar project for a future open-ended science fantasy universe built by a community of former Rarible DAO builders called ‘Playgrounds’. The collection is unique in that the collection has an unlimited supply, but a limited time period for minting, with minting ending on Feb. 28, 2022. Each Morph is free to mint, with participants only required to pay for gas fees, which have ranged between $25-$50 per mint.

  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 00:22 Explanation of example project ‘Morphs’
  • 01:27 Morphs Web3 application interface
  • 02:21 Live mint of Morphs NFT
  • 03:12 Metamask interface during NFT purchase
  • 03:53 Editing Gas fees within Metamask during NFT purchase
  • 06:38 How to mint an NFT directly from the smart contract
  • 07:25 Etherscan interface for Morphs NFT
  • 11:31 Viewing the minting transaction details on Etherscan
  • 13:59 Conclusion
  • 14:36 Morphs NFT collection overview and analysis
  • 16:08 Outro.