Ahoy, I’m Ben Simpson.

Founder of Collective Shift.

When I was 17 I had an epiphany. And I knew I had a simple choice to make — go all in or go home.

You see, I grew up in a small town in Tasmania, Australia with just a few thousand people. Until I was about 10 years old my parents made minimum wage. Money was scarce. I was empowered to work for it, be creative, and find opportunities.

As a result, I’ve always done whatever it takes to succeed. Whether it was selling finger paintings, refereeing basketball games, building a mobile repair shop out of my bedroom (that I shared with my brother!), or starting my apparel business — I’ve learned through experience and hard work.

Now back to that epiphany. One day, while building my apparel business, I learned about Bitcoin. I immediately saw its power and potential. And beyond the rational benefits of decentralization, its deflationary nature, and permissionless, borderless qualities I intuitively felt something deeper.

So I decided to go all in.

I sold everything I had and put it all into Bitcoin. To top it off, I even put 90% of my company’s balance sheet into Bitcoin. Like I said, all in.

As I went further down the rabbit hole, I quickly realised that I couldn’t do this alone. I needed to guarantee success and was overwhelmed by the pace and volatility of the industry. So I created a group of crypto experts to surround myself with and together we collectively began sharing our research to spot the next trends and opportunities.

This was where Collective Shift was born. The idea that no one person could do this alone. That the collective makes the individual stronger — and that with the right tools, resources, and people — we could democratise wealth through crypto for all.